Great feedback should be communicated in a way that allows us to apply it to your project to make it even better.

<aside> 💡 Please read though the feedback tips at least once and try to follow the checklist at the bottom each time you feed back in Notion, Figma or on Slack.


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Unless otherwise specified in your quote or contract we generally allow for two rounds of design feedback. After your usual two rounds of feedback we can bill for more changes at our usual hourly rate.

<aside> 💡 We ask that you compile all your feedback and then let us know that you’re ready for us to review the feedback.


We will always give you access to your Figma file and allow you to comment right on the designs using Figma in either your browser or using the Figma Desktop App. If you use Slack we’ll already have added you to a Slack channel, though we would strongly suggest you add your comments in Figma as that allows us to:

  1. Know exactly what element you’re referring to when you give us feedback.
  2. It allows us to “Resolve” comments and threads so both you and us know something has been taken care of.
  3. Keeps everything in one place.

<aside> 💡 If you’re not familiar with Figma you can read the below guide on adding comments to Figma. Also, remember that you can @ us in a comment to make sure that we know who it’s for or if you’re directing it at anyone in particular at Milk Moon Studio or on your team.

Guide to Adding Comments in Figma Files


You are more than welcome to consolidate your comments in Slack or via email after you have commented in Figma, and then let us know that the feedback for a page has been completed.

Bullet points are best, ideally one for every item that needs to be addressed. This is much more effective than providing a paragraph-based dialogue on what needs to be changed. If you’re finding it hard to covey your vision, make a Loom video, you can record your screen and tell exactly what you want.

<aside> 💡 If you’ve never used Loom, it’s super easy, you can find out more info on getting started here.


<aside> 💡 NB! Try and get all your feedback into your design review and your 2 feedback rounds. Once we start building your site in Webflow changes take a lot more time, and that in turn changes the original estimates in the quote you signed off, which in turn drives up the final costs of your project. We’ll always tell you if your project is running out of it’s allocated hours and we track this meticulously. If we do run into issues we’ll discuss it with you and decide how to proceed.


What does your design review round look like.

2 round revision & approval model.

First round: Identify major issues and provide feedback to address them. If you're presenting a design to stakeholders, use the first round to get the design to a stage where you think we have nailed the brief. This should give it the best chance of success when you take it to other stakeholders.

Second round: Confirm that the changes made have resolved the issues identified in the first round; tweak and respond if they don't. Ensure the design composition is balanced after addressing the latest changes. Get any stakeholder feedback required and consolidate into one final group of changes. Let them know there is only one chance to give feedback. If your project is time sensitive, provide all stakeholders with a feedback deadline.

Approval round: Approve the design tweaks and move forward.